D&M LEATHERS - Backoff whips/monkey fist
A Little Bit of YesterdayThere's a history behind these old-school biker or "get back" whips. Back in the day, you'd see bikers sporting whips - hanging from their clutch or brake levers as they rode. The leather whips were usually made from the biker's club colors - to display their colors and for club recognition. But the whips were a whole lot more than just leather club colors. A biker whip could be quickly released and used "in case of emergency."Make A StatementAlthough many of our old-school biker whips are sent to motorcycle club members, you don't have to be affiliated with a club to ride with the distinctive, old-school look. Our whips are handcrafted in the USA from paracord. They are braided around a thick nylon core to give them body and help them resist slapping you or your precious cargo.Quick Release ClipEach Biker whip is braided directly to a quick release clip that can be attached to either the brake or clutch lever. With a quick downward pull, the biker whip can be released quickly in case of "emergency." We recommend an application of Clear Nail Polish to preserve the finish of the clasp and for enhanced rust resistance.LengthsNot everyone has the same bike, the same risers, the same handlebars, or the same taste. That's why we offer our biker get back whips in lengths from 25" - 48". Choose the length that is right for you by measuring from top of the lever to the end of the fringe. Whip Length is measured from the center of the clip hole (in the closed position) to the end of the whip fringe ("fall").Multiple ColorsWhen choosing 2 or more colors, the 1st color is also used as the "wrap color" at the bottom of the whip.
Backoff Whips
Para cord Biker Whips crafted one whip at a time Quick Release Clip Removes easily when bike is parked Many Color Options Lengths from 25" - 48" Clasp diameter- 1/2" W x 3/4" H (oval shaped) Braided around a thick nylon core Satisfaction Guaranteed Handcrafted in our Amarillo, Texas Store Price is for a single whip only Length is measured from where the clip closes around the lever to the end of fringe When choosing 2 or more colors, the 1st color is also used as the "wrap color" at the bottom of the whip.
Price: $60.00
Monkey fist
These are custom made to order and any color you wish. 1 inch steel ball in the end.
Price: $40.00
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